REVIEW: Maybelline Instant Anti-Age: The Eraser Eye Concealer in Light



I bought this a while ago but never really got around to reviewing  it so when I was going through my draws and I found it, I decided it was time!

This concealer is grest for covering dark circles under the eyes and it doesnt feel too thick or heavy on the skin, so the skin can still breath whilst getting an adequate amount of coverage. 

It has a creamy consistency and has anti-aging properties and even though I don't have wrinkles its always nice to know that my make up is doing some benefit for my skin! 

The applicator may be a problem for some people as its a sponge so could harbour a lot of germs but I'm not really bothered by it and actuallt quite like it!

Overall I'd give this concealer a 7/10 as its oretty good but it coukd be improved. 

Have you tried this concealer? Let me know! 

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  1. Don't take this as a criticism, but perhaps make the packaging of the makeup cleaner and take a crisper photograph before publishing your post, makes it easier on the eye ;)

  2. The packaging is clean, it's the products seperating inside and the lid that looks unclean :) yeah I think I need a better camera haha! :) xxx

  3. I like the texture of it, xoxo.


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