MUA Undressed eye shadow palette

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MUA 12 shade Undressed palette - Superdrug £4

So I'm a bit slow on the eye shadow palette band wagon as this is my first. I'm mainly a liquid eyeliner kind of girl and that's all I'll ear but I'm trying to jazz things up a bit by wear eye shadows!

I'm not a fan of bright coloured eye shadows, I think they look a bit "stage make" ish, no offence to bright eye shadow lovers!! So i opted for a neutral palette which features shimmery and matte shades. I played it safe as it is my first palette and at £4 i couldn't go wrong really!

I am really impressed with this palette, I don't own an eye shadow primer so I just apply it straight onto my eye lid (after foundations, base primers and setting powder!) and it stays all day which I love and it's very blendable. All of the colours, being neutral, suit each other and they all look very flattering on the eye.

With this palette you get a double ended eye shadow applicator - I do not use this, I use my QVS eye shadow brush but the applicator is handy when I take my palette to stay somewhere overnight! The back of the package also contains a smokey eye effect tutorial which I thought was quite cute and did follow!

What're your favourite palettes?? 

Alicia x
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1 comment

  1. I have this palette and I absolutely love it!


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